2017 Conference Presentations and Program

2017 Conference Presentations & Program

Following are the presentation materials we have received from PG Days speakers and the program each registrant will receive onsite.

2017 Planned Giving Days Proceedings
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Connect with Your Colleague by Downloading the 2017 List of Attendees
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Thursday Morning Keynote

John Trybus’s Research Paper: Stories Worth Telling, A Guide to Strategic and Sustainable Nonprofit Storytelling. Click here to download the research paperClick here to download the Center for Social Impact Communication’s research studies.


Session 1, Lassiter presentation
Session 2, Spears presentation
Session 3, Havens-Kroch-Sutton presentation
Session 4, Schiff presentation and handout
Session 5, Mikaelian presentation

Donor Relations

Session 1, Hildreth presentation
Session 2, Diemer presentation
Session 3, Schulman presentation
Session 4, Rothey presentation
Session 5, Eliason presentation

Marketing & Communications

Session 1, Clark presentation and handout
Session 2,
Session 3, Johnson-Maughan-Holland presentation
Session 4, Mikaelian presentation
Session 5, Swayze-Narvaez presentation


Session 1, Kendrick-Djordjevic-Behery presentation and handouts (handout 1, handout 2, handout 3, handout 4, handout 5, handout 6, handout 7)
Session 2, Cadogan-Eigenberg presentation
Session 3, Cubeta presentation
Session 4, Knox presentation
Session 5, Golden presentation