DSA Award

Distinguished Service Award (DSA)

The Distinguished Service Award honors a planned giving, development or allied professional, or a volunteer leader in gift planning, with a distinguished record of service in gift planning. The award recipient exemplifies:

  • Demonstrated quality leadership in gift planning;
  • Longevity in gift planning (a minimum of five years);
  • Specific achievements in promoting and securing planned gifts;
  • Service to the gift planning profession, through participation in The National Association of Charitable Gift Planners and/or NCGPC; and,
  • Adherence to the Model Standards of Practice for the Charitable Gift Planner.

Call for 2024 DSA Nominations

The National Capital Gift Planning Council (NCGPC) is proud to continue the 28-year history of the Distinguished Service Award at Planned Giving Day 2024 on Thursday, June 6, 2024 at the American University Washington College of Law Conference Center.

Please use the DSA nomination form and fill in all information and supporting materials (such as letters of endorsement). Be sure to include your name, address, and preferred phone number. If you have questions about the award or nominations, please contact 2024 DSA Chair Lauren Hancock at lauren.hancock@hiusa.org.

Nominate Today

Completed forms and supporting materials must be received by April 1, 2024, at 5:00 PM ET to: ncgpc@ascent-management.com

Past Distinguished Service Award Winners

  • Brenden Haggerty (1996)
  • Ron Sapp (1997)
  • Jerry McCoy (Deceased) (1998)
  • Jim Potter (Deceased) (1999)
  • Jerry Anderson (Deceased) (2000)
  • Phil Melberg (2001)
  • Doug White (2002)
  • Jeffrey W. Comfort (2003)
  • Robert J. Brennan (2004)
  • Arthur T. Keefe III (2005)
  • Angela W. Sosdian (2006)
  • Kathryn L. Ward, CFRE (2007)
  • Mary Todd Hardeman (2008)
  • Gayle S. Union, CFRE (2009)
  • Anne Coppola (2010)
  • Karen Gallardo, CFRE (2011)
  • Carla Rosati, CFRE (2012)
  • Ann Wrenshall Worley (2013)
  • John Jensen, CFP (2014)
  • Chris McGurn (2015)
  • Edward Alexander Cadogan (2016)
  • Phyllis Freedman (2017)
  • John B. Kendrick, CAP (2018)
  • Patricia G.Wang (2019)
  • Jane Kolson (2020)
  • E. John McKee (2021)
  • Rosalyn “Missy” Ham-Cross (2022)
  • None awarded in 2023